Kevin Rhude – Philadelphia Wedding DJ



Kevin is one of the most highly requested DJs at Soundfactor Entertainment & Events. His passion for music and ability to read a crowd has quickly pushed Kevin to the top. 



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About Me:

I started the DJ thing about 7 years ago. My family owns a dance studio, so music and dancing has always been a huge part of my life. I always knew I loved music, but I could never play an instrument, but once I touched that first DJ controller, I knew that this might be the instrument I could play.


To me, DJing isn’t about just hitting play on songs, it is about being able to pick the songs that create moments in certain situations. I love being able to make you smile in delight while slow dancing close with your partner, and then next being able to give the biggest smile on your face while you are dancing fast with your hands up in the air with your closest family and friends.



Being teamed up with Soundfactor, and more importantly Adam Moyer, has helped me grow as both a DJ in all aspects of the game. I was already fluent in mixing, but I have been able to really polish my skills so that I am can really host a good party, and create memorable memories at any event.


I put out 110% at each event, and not just that I look good and know what I am doing, but so that the the bride & groom, or birthday person, or school group, or family have time that they will never forget. I have worked in all arenas, from bars to tents to hotels to prestige wedding venues, and I am able to adapt to any situation.


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