Gaetano Bosco



DJ Gaetano has been rocking the decks for more than 20 years. Born and raised in the suburbs of Philadelphia, he is a completely self-taught DJ. Going as far back as grade school, Gaetano always had an interest in music. He looked forward to entertaining his classmates daily and introducing them to new and exciting music, not realizing that this obsession would one day turn into a profession.




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In 1990 DJ Gaetano hooked up with the area’s largest mobile DJ company, and worked his way up from crew member to center stage entertainer. He very quickly became one of the most elite production DJs in the area, bringing life to events that require high energy dance floors. DJ Gaetano has entertained 2,000+ mobile and nightclub events. Everything from weddings and private/corporate parties to large-scale high school and college events. As a skilled and versatile entertainer, DJ Gaetano is a superior DJ and beat mixer. Known for his creativity and ability to “mix anything,” he is able to please a variety of audiences.


In 2015, Gaetano joined forces with Adam Moyer & the elite crew at Soundfactor Entertainment & Events.


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